A targeted anti-aging treatment made just for your hands

If you’re not already slathering your extra facial skincare products on the backs of your hands, I highly recommend starting STAT. The skin on tops of your hands is strikingly similar to the skin on your face, but it’s a lot less likely that you’re applying SPF to your hands daily. As a result, this area falls prey to visible signs of aging like discoloration and crepey texture long before they appear on your face.

If all those years of accumulated unprotected sun exposure have started to catch up with you, fret not. There’s an easy way to improve these hand changes: MEG 21 Age-Defying Top of Hand Treatment. With ongoing use, this hydrating treatment will help your hands look as young as your face—and when these two don’t match, that can giveaway your true age.

More than just a hand cream that delivers smooth, soft hands, this formula contains Supplaline, a potent complex of amino acids, inflammation-fighting extracts and antioxidants that work to improve uneven skin tone, fine lines and crepey texture. Of course it moisturizes as well, and you can thank emollients like shea butter, cocoa seed butter and evening primrose oil for that.

After just one use skin looks smoother, healthier, plumper and decidedly younger—and you can apply it as much as you want! Consider it our little age-concealing secret…

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