How to use false lashes and get really natural results

We’ll try just about anything in the name of beauty, and we’ve subjected our lashes to a lot over the years. Lash-stimulating serums are a no brainer around these parts, and we’ve even tinted and permed our lashes for a long-lasting mascara-like effect. And since we’re talking about mascara, we also tried Lash Dip to eliminate this step from our makeup routine altogether. This might sound crazy coming from a beauty junkie, we finally gave false lashes a whirl for the first time a few weeks ago—and now there’s no going back.


We credit Ardell for getting us to take the plunge, and in retrospect, we’re not really sure what we were so afraid of for so long. Rather than go all out with a full strip, we took our first baby step with Medium Black Individual lashes. (We got a combo pack with short, medium and long, but figured we’d start in the middle.) These teeny-tiny clusters add thickness and a touch of length to your natural lashes, but they’re so discreet that no one other than you knows they’re there. So easy to apply, simply put a bit of adhesive on the back of your hand, grasp the cluster with a tweezer, dip into the glue, then carefully place on your lashline at the outer corner. We started with just 3 clusters on each eye and we absolutely loved the result. Even better, they stayed put for a few days, even through swimming and (obviously) washing our face. P.S. Even though you get more than enough clusters in one package to last for quite some time, they are reusuable.After our success with the clusters, we decided to go for the full monty, which in this case meant Ardell’s 110 in Black. Like the clusters we tried, these add natural looking lash length and volume. The key to keeping them undetectable is trimming them to fit your eye, and you don’t even have to go all the way across. Yes, they’re a bit trickier than the clusters, but with a little practice you’ll get the hang of it. The key to camouflaging the glue and gaps at the lashline is good-old liquid eyeliner. Just draw a thin line and you’ll have a seamless result. These lashes are also reusable (and Ardell now sells them in packs of 2 because once you try them, you’ll always want to have a pair on hand).

We’re huge proponents of bold lip color and as an easy way to step up your beauty look, but false lashes now come in a close second. Sure, it takes a few extra minutes to apply them, but after a swipe of mascara you’ll totally forget about them—until you look in the mirror and see that fabulous fringe. Now the question is, will we reserve false lashes for special occasions, or start wearing them all the time?

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