Refine and refinish your skin

With so many products landing on our doorstep each week, it’s hard to stay loyal to anything. Yes, there are a select few that we always seem to go back to, but in the name of research they might go unused for months. We told you how we stumbled upon Z.O. Skin Health’s Olluminate Eye Repair last week (yay!), and there’s another product we plucked from the stash… M2 Skin Refinish 20%.

We were first introduced to this product about five years ago, and we loved it so much the first time around that we promptly tucked it away when we received another one a few months back. Designed to even out discoloration, keep breakouts at bay, tighten skin, refine pores and boost radiance, we like to think it was created just for us. Packed with malic and mandelic acids (close relatives of glycolic acid), we use this serum every other night to keep our face looking fresh and glowy. (FYI, we use Retin-A on the other nights.) Let it be known that you get an intense tingle upon application, but when we see our skin in the morning, it makes it all worthwhile!

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