Layer your way to happy, hydrated skin

Multi-step skincare regimens are nothing new, and while Korean women may put us Americans to shame by averaging 10 different lotions and potions both in the morning and at night, most of us slather on multiple products twice a day. Sure, layering an antioxidant, serum, moisturizer and sunscreen is a good place to start, but you might want to consider piling on products that are designed to work together, and Intraceuticals offers a 3-step regimen that delivers your most hydrated skin ever.

Intraceuticals was behind the oxygen revolution, and thanks to their high-tech products and in-office treatments, we now know how important it is for our skin to “breathe.” Oxygen is key for delivering nutrients to each and every skin cell—but what if this most recent Arctic blast has left your skin dry and thirsty? Enter the Rejuvenate regimen and its hyaluronic acid layering philosophy…

Step 1: REVIVE with the Daily Serum. This first step infuses your skin with moisturizing hyaluronic acid and immediately improves the state of your skin. 

Step 2: REPLENISH with the Hydration Gel. The goal of this product is to create a reservoir of moisture to keep skin plump and juicy all day.

Step 3: PROTECT with the Moisture Binding Cream. As its name implies, this last (but very important) step locks in hydration and protects skin from environmental damage.

I’ve been using this trio for about a week now, and I can see the difference in my skin. My lines are less visible, my skin is beyond comfortable and I’m sporting a healthy youthful glow. So if winter air is wreaking havoc on your skin, relief is as easy as 1, 2, 3 thanks to Intraceuticals!

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