Book same-day beauty appointments with just a few taps

I know that picking up the phone to schedule a manicure or blowout isn’t the biggest deal in the world, but how many times have you remembered you need a pedi when you’re in a location where phone calls are out of the question? (For some reason, it happens to me all the time!) Rather than trying to remember to make that appointment later, you can whip out your smartphone and take care of it right then and there with the BeautyNow app

You might be thinking to yourself, Aren’t there a bunch of apps that I can use to book beauty appointments? Well, yes there are—if you live in New York City or Los Angeles. But if you live in the hinterlands (or simply outside of these two metropolitan areas), BeautyNow finds same day(!!!!) appointments for hair, makeup, nails, massage, facials, waxing, medi-spa services and body treatments–and also helps men take care of their grooming needs discreetly.

With access to more than 4,500 salons and spas, I had no problem finding a manicure, eyelash extensions and even laser hair removal within the next six hours—and I absolutely love the beauty tips that pop up on the screen as the app is searching. This one’s a keeper!

Layer your way to happy, hydrated skin

Now your entire body can smell like Oribe—at least for a few minutes