NYC girls: The salon or spa comes to you!

Don’t you hate it when you find yourself in dire need of a blowout (or manicure, pedicure, massage, makeup application, facial, etc.) and your usual salon or spa is booked? We do—and if you happen to be in NYC, you don’t have to sweat it anymore thanks to a handy little app called Byoutik. With this little gem, all you have to do is enter the service you want, select the day and time, and the app finds a freelancer who will come to you!

Obviously the downside (for now) is that the app only covers Manhattan, but a Florida girl can hold out hope, right? But there are plenty of upsides for you city girls… You can pay right on your phone so there’s no worrying about having cash on you, and you can keep track of the manicurists, stylists and professionals you use to make it easy to rebook. And since no new app is complete without a social component, you can share your experience, provide feedback and rate the services to help others down the line.

Just when we thought we had come to terms with leaving NYC nine years ago, Byoutik comes along and we miss it all over again!