How to work micellar water into your skincare routine

Sometimes it feels like I have too many products and too little time—or rather too little room in my skincare routine. I’m pretty maxed out after cleansing (twice in the evening), toning, treatment serums, moisturizer and sunscreen, but when I really want to incorporate a certain product, where there’s a will there’s way. And this was the case when I received Bioderma’s famed Sensibio H2O and Sébium H20.

Designed for sensitive and oily/combination skin respectively, these micellar waters are great stand-ins for cleanser, makeup remover and toner when time doesn’t permit separate steps. In a nutshell, micellar waters contain little molecules called micelles that act like magnets to remove the yucky stuff that accumulates over the course of the day. But if you want to use them when you’re not watching the clock, here’s how I’ve been taking advantage of their incredible ability to remove dirt, debris and makeup.

Lately the Bioderma has been taking the place of my toner after I double-cleanse in the evening. I figure that there’s definitely going to be some grime left over regardless of how thorough my washing, so why not? This micellar water is also super-gentle on the skin, so I don’t have to worry about irritation, overdrying or stripping away the natural oils that keep my complexion looking healthy and feeling comfortable. I also like that since it’s basically water, it won’t react with my retinoid, or any other anti-aging ingredients I use on a given night. Oh, and it also helps remove every last bit of mascara on those nights I go out.

This swap doesn’t mean that I’ve tossed my toners. Instead, I reserve them for my morning skincare routine, when I only wash once and the only other products I use are my SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic and iS Clinical sunscreen

On those nights when I can’t even think about a multi-step skincare routine, the Bioderma is a total lifesaver. I can literally wipe everything off in less than a minute and promptly fall into bed—and that’s when I really appreciate the beauty of micellar water!

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