You’re 5 seconds away from customized nail art (thanks to a little help from your phone)

I’ve come across the coolest gadgets since signing up for IndieGogo’s newsletter, and there’s been no shortage of beauty devices. But the latest one to be featured is especially fun, and if you’re into nail art you’ll want to check out NailBot!

In a nutshell, this device prints pictures, emojis and basically any other image directly onto your nail with a little help from your phone. Compatible with iPhone and Android devices, the printer communicates on your phone via Bluetooth—and in 5 seconds you have professional-grade nail art at and on your fingertip.

Here’s the step-by-step…

1.     Place your phone in NailBot’s cradle.

2.     Prep your nails with white base coat and the pre-print coat.

3.     Select the image you want to print from your phone’s camera roll or galleries.

4.     Put your finger in NailBot’s cradle and snap a photo so the art is placed properly.

5.     Hit “print” in the Preemadonna app installed on your phone.

6.     Viola! You have custom nail art within 5 seconds!

7.     Apply top coat to make sure the image stays put.

And to help you pass the time until your nails are dry, the app allows you to share your nail art on social media. Even if you’re not into nail art for yourself, I bet your daughter, niece and any other younger girl who comes to your house is. I plan on having a NailBot on hand so all of our kid visitors have something fun to do if they’re not into Xbox.

Is this great or what?

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