Nail art that lasts for as long as you want it to

For us, nail art is akin to a great blowout… You spend the money and the time to get it looking amazing, and then you’re reminded of its temporary nature the second you step out into the rain or humidity. And yes, it’s depressing to see it go. Sure, nail art is likely to last longer than a hairstyle (unless you’re a pro with the dry shampoo), but Custom Nail Solutions has figured out a way to solve this short-shelf-life dilemma with their Nail Adornment Service.

Custom Nail Solutions offers artificial nails made specifically for your fingers, offering the perfect fit without the filing or grinding. These nails are reusable (and supposed to last a lifetime), can be painted like natural nails, and you get to choose the length and shape. The big news here is that the Nail Adornment Service gives you the option to get nail art on your custom nails, and you can wear them again and again. Once the company has you “nails” on file, you can order an extra set that’s painted any way you please—and you’re only limited by your imagination. And prices start at only $7.95, which is a small price to pay for festive fingertips that have no expiration date. And you’ll never feel the remorse associated with reaching for the remover!

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