These new M.A.C brushes change everything…

We’ve never paid too much attention to our makeup tools, and considered ourselves covered with brushes that met our needs without shedding all over the place. All and all we have about 8 that get used regularly (foundation, bronzer, blush, concealer, eyeshadow, crease, eyeliner and brow), but we took notice as soon as we got wind of the latest from M.A.C. Unlike any brushes we’ve ever seen before, you better believe we were at the store to scoop them up (unfortunately) the day before they were released—so we couldn’t resist hopping online and having them overnighted. And, boy, are we glad we did, because they’re already out of stock!

The new range of “oval” brushes offers a distinct advantage over traditional brushes, which were originally designed to be used by someone other than yourself. Think of an artist painting a canvas, and you get the gist. These new brushes are shaped more like a toothbrush, which gives you more control over your own makeup application. They are also super-dense (as opposed to fluffy), and we’ve found this helps buff makeup into the skin, and achieve better blending without the effort. Oh, and they are so soft, you might just want to cuddle up with them. They also have a rubberized grip for a sturdy grip, and they’re so comfortable in your hand. But best of all, you can use each of these brushes in multiple ways, so they also help cut down on the clutter.

The Oval 6 Brush just might be the only brush you need for your face. Use it to blend foundation, apply your blush, and even contour your cheekbones. You won’t be able to see where your makeup starts or ends—which is a truly wonderful thing—so gone are the days of makeup lines under your jaw and stripey-looking blush.

The Oval 3 Brush is the ultimate eye-area multitasker. With a slightly pointed tip, it’s perfect for cream or powder shadow. You can use it all over your lid, you can concentrate on your crease, and you can even use it to apply or blend eyeliner for a soft, natural result. Because of its buffing action, we find our shadow lasts longer, and the blending benefits really help make up for our slight lack of skills. This brush can also be used for small spots beyond the eyes, like for concealing around the corners of the nose.

At $42 and $32, you might think that’s a bit much to spend on a brush, but these babies are built to last. And if they don’t, you can take them back. (A few years ago our M.A.C bronzer brush started shedding like crazy, and the store gave us a new one, no questions asked.) At the very least, go check these out at your local M.A.C store (they’re not available in department stores just yet). We’re sure you’ll fall in love at first swipe!

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