This makeup brush is a stroke of genius

About a year ago, M.A.C released the Oval 3 and Oval 6 brushes, and they were like no makeup tools we’ve seen before. My FOMO got the best of me, and I promptly ordered them (before they sold out across the country)—and integrated them into my toolkit. Plush yet dense, these brushes can be used wherever you’re applying or blending color, and I still love them to this day.

All the while, a collection of brushes by Artis Brush was flying under the radar, and low and behold, ALL of their offerings feature this ergonomic design plus synthetic fibers that blend better than their animal-derived counterparts while retaining their shape and being completely hypoallergenic. There’s a style for every step of your makeup routine, and because they’re so versatile, you don’t need different brushes for, say, foundation, powder and bronzer. I don’t have enough room to describe all the advantages of these brushes, but you can see them for yourself here.

One brush in particular caught my eye, because no matter how much I practice, solid eyeliner technique eludes me. The Linear 1 brush answered my prayers, giving me the ability to apply a thin line without messing up the rest of my eye makeup (and, in turn, freaking out). The Linear 1 (far right) is only available as part of the Elite Mirror 3 Brush Set, but that’s OK. You’ll love the Oval 4 because it meets all of your eye makeup needs, and the Circle 1 works double duty for lipstick and spot concealing.

Prices are on par with other prestige brushes (or slightly less), and did I mention how pretty they are? 

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