Beauty products and breast cancer: It's about more than little pink bows

I know way too many people who have been affected by breast cancer, most notably my mom (who beat that bitch 37 years ago). Because of her history, I am vigilant about screening, which translates to an MRI, mammogram and ultrasound every six months to make sure that IF anything pops up it’s caught early. Believe me, I’m all for Breast Cancer Awareness Month—but there’s more to the story than makeup and products with pink ribbons on them. Did you know that there are skincare lines developed specifically to meet the needs of those living with cancer every month of the year (not just October).

One such line is CV Skinlabs. Founded by Britta Aragon after winning her own battle against Hodgkins’ disease and her father’s cancer diagnosis, these products help protect against the skin sensitivity that often accompanies chemotherapy. Potentially harmful or irritating skincare ingredients more easily penetrate skin compromised by toxic chemicals as well, which is why all of CV Skinlabs’ formulas are free of harsh detergents, fragrances, dyes and other potential irritants. 

With just four products, the collection may be small, but it covers all the basics from head to toe. You don’t need to have cancer to use the face moisturizer, body lotion, body balm or soothing spray—they’re also ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or chronic dryness.

CV Skinlabs has created a special package this BCA Month, and in addition to all four products, it also includes Britta’s book about her cancer journey and a meditation CD to help calm the mind during radiation or chemotherapy treatment. (The set retails for $185 and 20% of the proceeds benefit the Breast Cancer Fund.)

So when you happen to apply a slick of that pink BCA gloss come January, remember that every month is breast cancer awareness month for someone…

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