Help for over-30 hair

I was looking at childhood photos the other day, and couldn’t believe how smooth and shiny my hair was. After years of coloring (24 and counting), blow-drying and flat ironing, I figured it would be impossible to restore it to its virgin state. Then I learned about Healthilocks, and now I know this pipedream can be a reality.


Featuring an innovative, patent-pending mix of protein and other safe ingredients that draws water into the hair, this salon-based treatment is like time travel for your tresses. By filling the gaps (i.e. damage) in each and every strand and smoothing the surface of the hair’s cuticle, the result is immediately healthier-looking hair. Similar to other salon smoothing treatments, a serum is applied to damp hair before it’s dried and flat-ironed (at a safe temperature). But the good news is you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals—or waiting a few days before you can shampoo. Get a load of these before-and-after photos…


Healthilocks also offers products for use at home, and while they’re recommended to extend the results of the salon treatment, they work great on their own. In addition to the Daily Shampoo and Conditioner, the Daily Leave-In Treatment contains the same protein as the serum used in the salon to help you repair your hair each time you use it.

To find a salon that offers the treatment as well as the products, click here. Now if I could only find a way to instantly refresh my over-30 face! 

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