In-salon hair-smoothing results at home

A few months ago I wrote about a salon-based treatment called Healthilocks, a nontoxic yet beyond effective in-salon service that offers all the benefits of other popular smoothing treatments without the chemicals, potential health hazards or hefty price tag. After that post, Healthilocks was kind enough to send me their Daily Leave-In Treatment/Conditioner—which is designed to strengthen, hydrate (without oil!), fight frizz, and basically give you the soft, silky hair of your dreams.

I’ll admit it took me a while to try it (for no particular reason), and when I finally did I was blown away—no pun intended. After blowdrying only with my fingers, my totally overprocessed hair was smooth, shiny and frankly, unrecognizable. There was no residue or extra greasiness that forced me to wash sooner than usual, and my locks remained lustrous for days.

This product is designed to enhance the results of the Healthilocks in-salon treatment, but like I said in my first post, it delivers amazing results on its own! After one try, you’ll see for yourself!

THE makeup purchase to make on December 26