This leave-in hair treatment won’t weigh you down

I’m all about using a leave-in treatment after washing my hair, but most contain silicone or oils that have me needing another wash within a day or two. This somewhat defeats the purpose since I strive to keep shampooing down to twice a week max, and dry shampoo can only go so far before making my hair a hot mess. So when I received Kusco-Murphy’s Dry Leave-In I was intrigued—and had a hard time believing this mist could smooth and soften my strands without any residue.

As luck would have it, this spray is indeed weightless and leaves absolutely no indication that it’s actually there. I’ve even used it on dry hair as a test and alas, it instantly imparts a silkiness that I haven’t felt in ages (despite the product I applied the day before). My hair still feels clean and fresh without a trace of greasiness—and I can even skip the dry shampoo!

More than the ideal way to treat even the driest, most damaged hair and give it a beautiful reboot on day 2 or 3 (or 4), it has a light refreshing scent you’ll love—and it helped me free up a lot of space in my “hair” drawer because I tossed all of the other leave-ins that have been weighing me (and my locks) down!

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