Consider all of your cat-eye problems solved

No matter how much I practice, I can’t use liquid eyeliner. Believe me, I’ve tried many times, and every time I do I wind up with red, irritated eyelids from putting it on and taking it off so many times (before I ultimately give up). I’ve tried the scotch tape trick (and just about every other tip I’ve come across online) to no avail, and just when I vowed to accept my liquid liner deficiency, I found Able’s Cat Eye 101.

I don’t even care that this this long-wear formula is smudgeproof, refillable and black as night—it’s all about the applicator. Yes, you get a regular thin, tapered felt tip. But you also get a stencil of sorts that you trace to get the perfect “wing.” Sure, it might take a little practice to get the placement just right, but it’s a heck of a lot easier than trying to do it freehand.

If you think $48 is a bit pricey for an eyeliner I agree… But if it helps me achieve the perfect cat eye that has eluded me for, well, forever, I think it’s well worth it. And since refills are only $30, I suppose it evens out over time.

Feel free to share any cat-eye tips you may have, but I want to know… Would you try it?

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