A must-buy if you need help in the eyeliner department

I am an eyeliner dilettante, and no matter how much I practice I still can’t get it straight (literally). Sure I can use a pencil to create a smudgy line at the base of my lashes, and tightlighting is within limits, but a cat-eye or anything that requires an artistic approach and steady hand is out of the question. Buy maybe (just maybe), BeautyBlender’s new Liner.Designer will change that…

Essentially a stencil that eliminates the need for the clever-yet-somewhat-inconvenient scotch tape trick, the Liner.Designer serves as a guide that helps you trace your way to myriad beauty looks. Suitable for any eyeliner formulation (i.e. pencil, liquid, gel or cream), the different sides are designed for different looks.

For example, the straight edge helps you cheat your way to a precise cat eye while the short, round end works wonders for a flawless flick. The sponge can also be used to apply lip liner evenly, and even to help prevent smudges when applying mascara. This is a true multitasking tool that takes your makeup game to another level—without hours of practice.

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