The secret to a bouncy blowout

Hot rollers are an easy, amazing way to get major hair volume, but something about busting out that box and plugging it into the wall feels so last century. Even more, you’re probably already using a round brush to blow out your hair before you wind it up in rollers. What if you could combine these two steps and clear out some space under your sink? You can with Amika’s Blow Like a Pro Interchangeable Brush Set.

Featuring six brush heads, one handle and a great case that keeps everything together, this is a major blowout breakthrough. Simply blow as usual, pretend the brush head is a roller, pop it off the handle, secure with one of the included clips, repeat with five other sections of hair and let things cool down. Then, remove the brush heads and admire your shiny, bouncy locks.

As if this wasn’t awesome enough, the heads/rollers also tell you when it’s time to take them out. The brush barrels turn white when they’re hot, so when they return to their normal color you’re good to go.

Talk about a blowout booster… Have you tried these?

A must-buy if you need help in the eyeliner department