I finally stopped wasting money on razors

I’ve been shaving at least one part of my body for about 27 years (wow, that’s scary) and I can’t even begin to calculate how much money I’ve spent on razors. I got a break when my beauty PR bestie had a major razor company as a client for a while, but when this came to an end, so did my savings.

Last month I finally said “enough is enough!” and I signed up for monthly deliveries from Harry’s. For a mere $15 I got a chic orange razor handle and 8 (yes, 8!) razor cartridges. In the past, 8 cartridges would have lasted me a few months because I had a tendency to use them for too long. Since I’ll be getting another delivery of cartridges in a few weeks’ time, I can now shave a few times and toss the blades—like I’m supposed to. So now my legs are smoother every time I shave and irritation is no longer an issue.

Shame on the razor companies for jacking up the prices on shaving supplies—and don’t even get me started on “women’s” razors. Thanks to Harry’s I’m saving money and avoiding the “pink razor” racket.

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