My latest hair hack for day-2 texture on day 1

Whenever my friends see me with fluffy, freshly washed hair, they always ask me if I did something different—and my answer is always, “It’s just clean.” Being that I only wash my hair about twice a week this doesn’t happen all that often, but I’ve tried a gazillion different products and techniques to help get that messy, dirty texture mere hours after stepping out of the shower. As it turns out, I tried yet another tactic a few days ago and it worked brilliantly: Sasha Juan Ocean Mist on WET HAIR.

Designed to deliver the look (and feel) that screams “I just spent the day at the beach,” just a few spritzes of this texturizing mist before blow-drying left my hair exactly how I like it. Slightly matte, slightly messy and not the least bit frizzy, I didn’t even have to bust out the flat iron. No more fretting about coordinating my at-home blowouts with upcoming meetings and plans, and no extra effort either—this was basically a hair eureka moment. Woo hoo!

So dish… What are your favorite hair hacks?

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