IBB Challenge: Stubble-free by summer

Last night it dawned on me that Memorial Day is only six weeks away… Not that this really has an impact on my life, other than changing the locale of my daily drop-offs and pick-ups from school to camp. Living in South Florida, this does translate to more pool time (and less beach time since it’s so freaking hot)—and wearing shorts a lot more often. My new mission until the official start of summer: Eradicating my leg hair, and my partner in this challenge is Tria Beauty.


The experts in at-home versions on in-office derm treatments, Tria gives us two ways to get fuzz-free, the 4X and the Precision. They both feature the same FDA-cleared diode laser technology, but the Precision is designed for smaller areas like the face, bikini and underarms. (The 4X can get these areas, too.) You get more bells and whistles with the 4X (5 levels as opposed to the Precision’s 3–although level 3 on the Precision is equal to level 5 on the 4X–plus a larger, more informative display). Whichever one you choose the big takeaway here is that you can get up to a 70% reduction in hair regrowth after 2 treatments on the highest power setting. And the results are permanent!

According to Tria, you should be pretty close to hairless after using the device every two weeks six times (because this ensures you get all the hairs at the right growth stage). From there it’s all about maintenance. It’s important to keep in mind that the Tria does not work on blonde, grey, white or red hair because the laser needs dark pigment to get its job done. This is also why it cannot be used on darker skin tones—and there’s a built-in sensor that unlocks the device once it confirms your skin tone is appropriate. You also need to shave before using it, and refrain from waxing, tweezing or plucking between treatments.

I kicked off my anti-hair campaign last night with my left lower leg. I’m going limit my Tria use to this leg only so I can really see the difference by comparing to my untreated leg. I basically sat on my couch and the 500 pulses flew by since I was on the phone. I felt a little heat and a very minor zing here and there, but there’s not much else to report from the 10 minutes I spent placing the Tria on my leg, waiting for the beeps, and moving it to another spot. I set a reminder in my phone to do it again in two weeks, and it’s really that easy.

If you’re down with the DIY hair removal, now’s the perfect time to pick up the 4X. From now until April 21st, you can get the Sephora-exclusive turquoise color with a free silver storage pouch and Smooth Start Calming Gel (which makes the treatment a bit more comfortable—I’ll totally be using this when I start zapping more sensitive areas). And let it be known that this one purchase gets you to Sephora’s VIB status.

So tell me… Do you want to take the Tria challenge, too?