Tria update: 8 weeks later

It’s been just about two months since I embarked on my quest to be fuzz-free (see my kick-off post here), and my Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X and I are still going strong… I’ve been pretty good about using it every two weeks and the commitment has totally paid off!

When I started out, I only treated my lower left leg, because I wanted to be able to feel the difference from my right. I 100% noticed less stubble after one treatment, and the improvement was remarkable after two sessions. After seeing the results after the two, I didn’t waste any time going to work on my right leg, and now both limbs are due for their third pass. 

Based on the success with my lower legs, I then started on my thighs. I have few “rules” in my life, but shaving above the knee is a big no-no for me. I’ve been waxing for what feels like forever but I’m slowly making my way up my legs with the Tria. I have realistic expectations, and I’d be happy if I could simply wax less, but with enough perseverance I think a wax-free existence could be within my reach. 

One of the best things about the Tria is that you can use it on your face. It’s no secret that I’ve spent the better part of the past year getting electrolysis, and I estimate it got about 90% of the hairs. Thanks to the Tria arriving at the perfect time, I can now say that the facial hair is totally under control. Rather than sticking to a two-week schedule, I zap my face as needed—and now I can confidently say that my plucking (and picking) days are behind me.

Yes, I understand that $449 is a significant chunk of money, but add up the cost of waxing for one year and it basically pays for itself in less than six months. In my opinion, the Tria is worth every last penny, even if my razor is feeling neglected.