IBB Cheap Thrill: Batiste Dry Shampoo

Have you ever noticed that beauty products rarely go on sale? Sure, a store or website might offer a percentage off your purchase, but price markdowns are almost unheard of (unless a product is exiting the store). I had some time to kill a few weeks ago so I popped into Ulta, and upon perusing the sale shelf in the hair department I struck gold in the form of Batiste Dry Shampoo. Marked down to $4.99 a can, I bought the Cherry and Tropical—and I’m equally in love with both.

The Cherry’s scent is a dead-ringer for my favorite Cerise Savon de Marseille hand soap, and Tropical is a divine take on coconut. The formula delivers the perfect amount of oil-absorption and texture enhancement, and I love it so much I actually skipped over the other dry shampoos in my to-try queue.

But my luck didn’t stop there… I was at Walgreens over the weekend because I needed a travel atomizer for my latest perfume, so I headed over to the travel-sized section. Low and behold, there was a mini-version of the Batiste in Cherry, and it just so happens my portable Oribe Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher is just about dunzo. It was a little annoying that the price was the same as the full-sized ones I found on sale at Ulta, but $4.99 compared to the $25 for the Oribe was more than justifiable.

Have you tried any of Batiste’s dry shampoos? What other scents should I try?

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