Washing your makeup brushes just got a lot easier

I’m totally guilty of not washing my brushes enough, and it really boils down to timing. As I’m sure you understand, it can be hard to pinpoint a window of 2 days when you won’t need them to apply your makeup. But, alas, the opportunity does present itself on a close-to-monthly basis, so I whip out the gentle cleanser and go to work on the buildup of eyeshadow, bronzer, concealer, etc. After wasting lots of time swirling, rinsing, swirling again and rinsing again, I found a handy little helper that takes a lot of the effort out of this somewhat annoying task—and it’s the Brush Cleansing Palette by Real Techniques.

Comprised of silicone (which is resistant to bacterial growth and super-easy to clean), this little tray slips onto your hand and provides the perfect surface for brush cleansing. Simply add a few squirts of cleanser and a little water, and swirl your brushes around on the areas designed for small, medium and large brushes. You’ll be surprised to see how easily these little nubbies help break up the buildup of powder and cream cosmetics so all you have to do is rinse and let them dry.

This is a real game-changer in the makeup brush sanitation department, and now that I have it, I think I’ll be washing my brushes a lot more often—so long as I have two days to go tool-free.

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