IBB Local: Welcome to Miami, Illamasqua!

Our New York City trips usually turn into beauty buying sprees, simply because there are so many lines that we just can’t find around here. We’ve gotten used to it, and it actually makes our Manhattan jaunts that much more fun, but we will admit that we get pretty excited when we find out one of our long-time favorites can now be found closer to home. Case in point: The edgy British makeup line Illamasqua has launched at Bloomingdale’s in Aventura!


To kick off the launch, Illamasqua makeup artists faced off this past Saturday, but this wasn’t any old competition. The goal was to create both ready-to-wear and over-the-top couture looks to demonstrate the line’s versatility. And if the photo of one of the looks created at the Chicago launch (below) is any indication, you can only imagine how wild it got!


Trust us, Illamasqua is very versatile, and no, you don’t have to look like you just walked off a zombie movie set—but isn’t kind of fun to know you could if you really wanted to? P.S. If you’re intimidated at first, at least try one of their fabulous nail polishes… With a wide range of innovative finishes (like rubberized!), they’re always a good time!

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