IBB Obsession: The Cover FX Customizable Click Stick

I’m on somewhat of a “custom” kick, and Cover FX’s Customizable Click Stick might be the best things that’s happened to me in a while. This dual-sided dynamo just might change your makeup routine forever—and for the better.

If you use foundation, concealer, highlighter and/or a color corrector—and leave the house—this is the product for you. (I don’t really leave the house all that much and I’m still obsessed with it.) Here’s the gist: This stick has two ends, and you get to choose from foundation/concealer (24 shades, to be exact), a highlighter and six color correctors so you have your complexion covered at all times.

I got a foundation, but since I’m not big on full coverage, I use it more as a concealer. But this actually worked out really well because I also got the yellow color corrector to neutralize minor redness and darkness. So a swipe of yellow and a few dots of foundation are all I need to maintain the illusion of a flawless complexion on the go (or even if I’m not going anywhere at all).

The Click Stick options are essentially endless, and when you’re having a “good skin” day, so are the possibilities!