IBB Smackdown: Clarifying mask edition

What are the chances of running out of product halfway through application TWICE in one week? The first was a self-tanning session that afforded me the opportunity to compare two products side by side, and the second was a clarifying mask treatment since my face was getting all wonky (and I couldn’t identify the source of my minor breakout). I managed to cover half my face with Colleen Rothchild Clarifying Detox Mask (seen on the right in the picture below) before I had to bust out a cult classic, Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (left) when I ran out.


Now these two masks are very different on many levels. Colleen Rothschild is all about using top-shelf ingredients and high-tech delivery systems. This Queen Helene mask has been around for eons, and I’m going to assume the formulation hasn’t changed much over the years. This major difference is responsible for the major disparity in price… Colleen’s mask will set you back $48 for 1.7 ounces, while you can pick up the Queen Helene at just about any drugstore for less than $5—for 8 ounces.

In terms of results, both reveal the oil that’s being purged from your pores as they dry. Colleen Rothschild’s mask leaves skin feeling soft and refreshed, while the Queen Helene leaves my face a bit on the tight side. (My husband prefers the Queen Helene, but I tend not to listen to him when it comes to beauty).

The verdict: These are both great options, depending on how discerning you are when it comes to your skincare. You don’t have to spend a bundle on specialty products, but you just might want to.

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