Update your skincare routine for spring with this luxurious new line

Spring will be here eventually, which means it’s time to start thinking about updating your skincare routine. Say bye-bye to the rich, heavy creams and hello to lighter textures, and take the time for exfoliation to help shed the dull, dead cells that have built up over the winter. And if you’re looking for a fresh new line that you’ll love using every morning and night, check out Colleen Rothschild!

This brand-new line has a luxurious bent, and I’m beyond pleased with each and every product I’ve tried. Luckily, I received the Discovery Collection, which afforded me the opportunity to try the Radiant Cleansing Balm, Dual Enzyme Polish, Clarifying Detox Mask, Face Oil No. 9, Sheer Renewal Cream and Extreme Recovery Cream. (And this is only an introduction to the expansive line.)

I’m officially declaring that a cleansing balm and muslin cloth is my favorite way to wash my face (forget the power tools). This cleansing balm literally melts away dirt and makeup, leaving skin soft, supple and gently exfoliated. I’m also obsessed with the Dual Enzyme Polish. I slather it on before a shower and let the dead-cell-dissolving enzymes and AHAs go to work before the microspheres give my complexion an extra boost as I rinse it off. Seriously, I can’t say enough good things about this product. On the mask front, the Clarifying Detox Mask is perfect for anyone who likes a mask that gets every last bit of oil and debris, and this one uses charcoal, MicroSilver, glycolic acid and vitamin C to help you get your clearest complexion yet. And no routine is complete without hydration, and I’ve tried the lightweight Sheer Renewal Cream and the Extreme Recovery Cream. They’re both great options depending on how dry your skin is, and you’ll definitely want to top either off with the facial oil. The blend of black seed, moringa and marula oils gives your skin a delightful dose of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, and it’s appropriate for all skin types.

The verdict: If you’re looking to update your skincare routine, Colleen Rothschild is a great way to do it. The aromatic scents soothe the senses and the products make taking care of your skin a pleasure. As much as I want to use these products again tonight, I’m saving the Discovery Collection for my trip to New York in two weeks since everything is TSA-friendly and it came ready to go in a chic Dopp kit! Hopefully I can hold out until then…

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