IBB Soapbox: Don’t complain about your skin if you don’t take care of it

I’m always asked for beauty advice. At my son’s basketball practice, dinner parties, GNOs, you name it. I see this as an occupational hazard, and I actually don’t mind at all. Frankly I derive pleasure from witnessing the feverish note-taking that accompanies my musings.

After countless conversations, I can’t believe it took me so long to realize the common thread across everyone I come across who complains about wrinkles: An ineffective skincare regimen. Sorry ladies, but don’t expect to look 30 if you’re over 40 and only using moisturizer and a sunscreen “most of the time.”

During a recent powwow, one friend said, “Paige, you have absolutely no lines on your face.” Another friend responded with, “She’s not 40 yet,” and another chimed in and said, “Did you hear how much shit she puts on her face?” It was as if I wasn’t even there. (P.S. I always divulge that I’m no stranger to injections.)

Here are the first questions I ask during these informal consults:

1.    Do you exfoliate?

2.    Do you use Retin-A?

3.    Do you see a dermatologist regularly?

4.    Do you use the extra product from your face on the backs of your hands?

More often than not, the response I get is, “I don’t really do anything.” And this is really frustrating. The good news is that a lot of my friends listen and promptly run out to purchase products I suggest, whether that be a Neutrogena sunscreen or iS Clinical Active Serum for $145 (worth every penny). Side note: I am not a believer that a more expensive product is always better.

As with most everything, you have to be in it to win it—and your skin is no exception. So think about this next time you complain about your skin and if you’re lucky enough to get some recommendations from an expert, use them!