Yoga-inspired skincare you can use even if you don’t do yoga

You know those couples that are just “unexpected?” They come from different backgrounds, have different beliefs, or have some other juxtaposition that makes other people scratch their heads and wonder. If Butter Elixir were a person, we’d be one of those couples—but over-the-moon happy nonetheless.

Created by 3 NYC yogis who wanted to nourish their skin after nourishing their bodies at yoga, this simple, clean, natural line offers just a handful of products—but they manage to cover all of your beauty needs. As a more-is-more person when it comes to skincare, and as someone who just can’t get into yoga no matter how many times I try, this is where Butter Elixir and I diverge. But then I used the products…


I’m a huge fan of facial oils, and Butter Elixir’s Face Oil is a winner. A lightweight blend of apricot, rosehip, argan and rose oils, it has a lovely calming scent and delivers a major whollop of moisture without feeling heavy. I’ve been using it in place of night cream, and my skin looks and feels fantastic.


This time of year, a body oil is the only thing that can cure my scaly legs, and Butter Elixir’s Body + Hair Oil has been a savior. A mix of almond, argan, lavender and chamomile oils, this nourishing oil has an amazing heady scent and far-reaching skin benefits. With antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, it keeps skin happy and healthy and it doubles as a hair treatment as well. A fabulous multitasker that helps keep your beauty/grooming routine lean and mean, I’ve even added bit of this oil to a bath to give my skin a little extra treat.


I cannot live without lip balm, and I’ve become codependent on Butter Elixir Lip. Formulated to feel like a chai latte in a jar (the vanilla cardamom flavor is a dream), the ultra-hydrating shea butter and natural oils deliver long-lasting moisture. I use it before swiping on matte lip color and I’ve also applied it to dry cuticles when I don’t have any hand cream within reach.

So even though I’m not into yoga and natural/organic ingredients aren’t a deal-breaker for me, Butter Elixir and I have a solid relationship. Even if you’re commitment-phobic, the Butter Elixir Bundle is the perfect way to get to know each other, but just be warned… A few casual hook-ups will turn into something more serious.

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