100% organic skincare, haircare (and more) in one bottle

There’s a reason Kesh Beauty’s incredible Argan Oil with Rose Essence is filed under Etc.—it just might be a better multi-tasker than you are. With countless uses for the skin and hair for the entire family all in one bottle, this is the only product you need to take with you to a deserted island—or have on your vanity and in your bag every day.

Skin: It’s a moisturizer (face and body), post-sun solution, razor burn soother, diaper rash cure, itch reliever, boo-boo healer, stretch-mark preventer, hand/foot cream alternative, cuticle smoother, manicure reviver, free-radical fighter, bath enhancer, natural perfume, eyebrow fixative, makeup remover, scar improver, lip conditioner and more.

Hair: It’s a frizz fighter, split-end mender, dandruff fighter, deep conditioner, chlorine/salt water/sun shield, heat-styling protection and flyaway tamer just for starters. 

And you can take all of these benefits with you, no matter where your travels may take you. The leak-proof spray dispenser means no potential spills, and because it’s air-tight that also means there’s no need for nasty synthetic preservatives to keep the argan oil fresh. And Kesh Beauty is socially minded as well… The argan oil is sourced from a Moroccan cooperative that provides its women workers with the fair wages and resources they need to support themselves and their families while improving their socioeconomic status.

P.S. Kesh Beauty also offers “Pure” (fragrance-free) and Orange Blossom Essence argan oils, as well as stylish Evil Eye and Hamsa bracelets (which make awesome gifts).

All this for $40… What are you waiting for?

The at-home facial for dummies