The at-home facial for dummies

There are two approaches when it comes to treating yourself to an at-home facial… There’s the guerilla method that involves using just about every exfoliant and mask that happens to reside in your medicine cabinet, and there’s the structured, no-brainer approach that only a kit can provide. I decided to give the latter a whirl last week with GrandCentralBeauty’s S.M.A.R.T. Skin Perfecting Express Facial Kit, and it was well worth the 30 minutes.

Designed to help all skin types (including sensitive) polish, reduce redness, fight wrinkles and improve tone, this single-use kit turns any night in into a spa night. For the first step, you use the included konjac sponge for an initial cleansing. I was especially happy to find this in the box because I’ll totally use it to wash my face from here on out.

Next up is the Polisher, and simply rubbing this gel on your face for 30 seconds removes dead skin cells with fruit acids and microbeads. As you go, little rolls of dead skin begin to form, and once your time is up you can brush off the residue with your bare hands (no rinsing required). 

Then it’s mask time, and it’s fun to mix the powder, water and booster in the container the actual kit comes in. This is a peel-off mask so you have to layer it on thick, and although things got a little messy, it comes off rather easily after 15 minutes. (You may want to do this before showering and washing your hair, because it was a bit difficult to get out of my hairline.)

The final step is the serum, which doubles as a makeup primer (and you get enough for a few extra uses). It absorbs super-fast and leaves skin smooth and matte, which is why I’d prefer it more as a primer since I like to slather on the hydrating serums when I do a facial at home. But with that said, it’s a really cool product and would be especially good for oily skin.

All and all, I enjoyed this facial kit because it was quick, easy, and left my skin looking happy and healthy. So what’s your at-home facial recipe?

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