A low-tech way to cleanse better

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about a good skincare brush that utilizes sonic vibration to purge my pores and eliminate dull, dead skin. Sure, a washcloth can be a simple stand-in, but then you have to deal with makeup stains (read: more laundry) and the potential for bacteria if you don’t swap it out daily. The good news is, you don’t need to go high-tech to thoroughly cleanse your face, and I’d like to introduce you to something that might start a cleansing brush backlash: The konjac sponge.

Made from the root of the Japanese konjac plant, this soft, squishy sponge manages to gently exfoliate as you wash, with absolutely no irritation. When dry, it’s thin and hard, but once you wet it, it expands and gets all pillowy—and slightly gelatinous (which is a bit of a bug-out until you get used to it). To use it, I get my cleanser started with my hands, and then wash as usual making circular motions with the sponge. Then I give it a rinse and give my face another once-over before using a few splashes of water to get rid of any cleanser that’s left behind. After patting my face dry, I’m left with fresh, clean skin that’s ready to face the day. (The sponge comes with a little string so you can hang it and let it dry—which is does rather quickly.) 

You can find these sponges online at a variety of price points—but since they’re all the same, I picked up a 3-pack on Amazon for $25, because I needed to use my Prime to get it ASAP. (You can also find green tea and charcoal versions.) Each sponge is supposed to last a few months, and you’ll know it’s time to toss it when it starts to fall apart.

P.S. I gave one to my mom, and she is absolutely obsessed with it—as evidenced by multiple phone conversations about the merits of the konjac sponge. I haven’t seen her this excited about something in a long, long time, so pick one up for yourself and see what all the buzz is about!

The ultimate accessory for a beauty neat freak