For smooth, soft skin, just change up your cleansing routine!

We all fall into a skincare rut from time to time… I often go through the paces when I’m still half asleep in the morning, and more often than not I’m a slave to routine when I’m half asleep by the time I’m ready for bed in the evening. But you don’t have to invest in all new products to add some excitement to your regimen and take your results to another level… Instead, just pick up one of Daily Concepts’ newest tools.

I posted about konjac sponges about six months ago, and they have been part of my cleansing routine ever since. Just as my last one started to fall apart, I received Your Charcoal Konjac Sponge, so the timing couldn’t have been better. This is the first time I’ve used a charcoal-infused version (which is supposed to help draw impurities out from the skin), but I didn’t notice anything different other than the color. It took me a few days to realize how to convert the plastic packaging into a convenient drying “station” with the enclosed suction cup, and once I did I fell in love with this sponge even more.

My Daily Concepts package also included the Your Micro Facial Scrubber. As the name implies, this cloth-covered sponge features an exfoliating texture that helps sweep away dead cells and reveal fresh, radiant skin. (It’s also great for removing eye makeup, but PLEASE be gentle on this delicate skin.) In addition to the same convertible packaging as the konjac sponge, the label on this exfoliator fades when it’s time to toss it. So if you’re one of those who’s lax about properly cleansing your face-cleansing tools, this may just be the perfect option for you. And needless to say, both of these face-washing accessories make great stocking stuffers…

THE makeup purchase to make on December 26