5 oils I'm using right now

For someone who used to avoid skincare products with oil like the plague, I’ve certainly changed my tune, and honestly, I think my skin is better off. Body oils were certainly the gateway drug, and then I became addicted to hair oils to smooth and soothe my overstressed hair. The final frontier was facial oils, and beyond the hydration they provide, I cannot get enough of their fresh, botanical scents. A few days I realized that I’m using more oils than creams, and here are the ones that are in top rotation…

1. Mio The Activist Firming Body Oil: Have you heard the big news? Mama Mio, the go-to skincare line for pregos and new moms has a new little sibling… Designed for ladies at every stage of life, these products follow in Mama Mio’s fabulous footsteps without discriminating against those of us who are not with child. And I’m absolutely enamored with The Activist. Packed with antioxidatns, omegas and good-for-your-skin vitamins, this amazing oil soaks in super-fast and leaves skin with the brand’s delicious Gravitas scent—and let’s just say those wobbly bits look a lot less wobbly with ongoing use. I’m on a pre-spring mission to use this every day before baring my arms and legs on a regular basis.

2. Kesh Beauty Moroccan Argan Oil with Rosewater Essence: Any beauty maven worth her salt knows that argan oil is a must-have. This one multitasking product can replace just about all of your existing products, thanks to its prowess as a skin moisturizer, hair styling product, and overall lifesaver. I like this one in particular because it smells like roses, so you can also add perfume to the neverending list of uses.

3. Privé Vanishing Oil: I might have BARELY any hair left after last week’s haircut, but that won’t stop me from using this oil-based strand-smoother. It delivers smooth, sleek, shiny, hydrated strands with just one drop—and it doesn’t leave my hair the slightest bit greasy.

4. Sanctuary Spa Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil: I wrote about this spectacular oil a few months back, and it’s still part of my daily routine. I’m not sure whether I like the scent or the radiant glow more, but does it really matter?

5. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil: When my skin acts up and gets a little spotty, I reach for this oil instead of a harsh blemish blaster. Designed for combination and oily skin, the blend of rosewood, geranium and lotus extracts gets those overactive sebaceous glands under control naturally, while leaving skin calm, radiant and totally juicy. 

I’m always looking for new oils to try, so if you have a favorite, please let me know!