Would you try raw skincare?

No doubt you’ve heard about the raw eating trend, which strives to preserve all the natural goodness of the whole foods we eat by protecting it from the heat associated with cooking. Well, your beauty routine may not be far behind, as careful harvesting and lack of processing could possibly have benefits for your skin. One of the first lines I’ve come across that melds this raw philosophy with just the right amount of luxury (read: no crunchy, granola, hippie-esque products here) is Kat Burki, and its launch has gotten a lot of attention. (You can find the line at top-notch retailers like SpaceNK, Henri Bendel and Nordstrom.)

Truth be told, I didn’t even know about Kat Burki’s raw-ness when I tried the Glossy Lip Treatment. I got a tube in my CEW Awards Demo gift bag, and I’ve used it just about every day since. The light, minty lip conditioner rolls on with a soothing, cooling ceramic rollerball and leaves lips with a glossy sheen, making it perfect for hanging out and running errands around town. The formula’s coconut oil is enriched with vitamin E, and there’s no absolutely no stickiness—and it’s also great over lipstick to give it more of a glossy finish.

But lips are just the beginning… This line includes skincare that has you covered from head to toe, and even all-natural fragrances. From Beauty Elixir mists and a full range of facial products to Hand Therapy, Body Butter and Raw Sugar Scrub, every offering is designed to nourish and soothe skin thanks to a proprietary herbal blend. And of course everything is free of parabens, synthetic ingredients, sulfates, petrolatum and mineral oil. So if you’re thinking about going raw, I’d go for Kat Burki before giving up the oven and stove.

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