Just what you need when you don’t want to wear mascara

When I was in my 20s, I tried lots of lash treatments (i.e. lash tinting and lash perming) in an effort to not have to wear mascara. It’s funny how things chance, because these days mascara is one of the only things that I won’t leave the house without. I don’t need full-on fringe, but just a touch of definition helps me look (and feel) a bit more put together.

I recently found a new way to get the subtle lash boost I love—and it also nourishes and conditions my lashes at the same time. It’s called Lash Masque by Peter Lamas, and in addition to a light tint, you get a heck of a lot more. This unique formula strengthens lashes and boosts growth with a chemical-free blend of spirulina, biotin, panthenol, proteins, almond oil and vitamins A and E—similar to how your hair conditioner goes to work on each and every strand. And with the lightest tint, it manages to darken lashes without the need for meticulous mascara application.

So if you’re into your lashes, but need an occasional (or frequent) break from mascara, this product is for you! Will you try it?