Keep your blonde bright with this shampoo

This time of the year, our blonde locks need some extra TLC. All that sun, surf and pool time has taken its toll, despite preventative measures like deep conditioning, UV protection, hats and the like. But perhaps the easiest way to stave off the fading and brassiness that results from all that chlorine and sun is to wash with a shampoo formulated to keep your blonde bright, like Klorane Shampoo with Centaury. (In case you’re curious, Centaurea is a plant harvested in southwest France that’s lauded for its natural radiance-boosting effects.)

Now don’t be alarmed if you pick up a bottle and see a lot of talk about white and gray hair, because the same rules apply to platinum, blonde and silver hair. These shades all fall prey to the same problems, whether caused by summer activities, silicones and parabens in your products, or even just hard water. This gentle shampoo deposits blue tones to counteract yellowing (and, believe us, in terms of color science it works). Of this this shampoo also adds softness in shine, so it really ticks all the boxes when it comes to taking care of lighter shades of hair.

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