Kick off fall with Unite's new products

I was first introduced to Unite a few months back, and this expansive professional hair-care line shows no signs of slowing down. I’ve gotten hooked on their shampoo, conditioner and masque, and the most recent batch of goodies I received have already made their way into the rotation… So after a week of experimenting, here’s the scoop on the latest products to join the line.

Texturiza Spray: If you like Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray, you best keep reading. Unite’s version is the closest to the cult classic every editor, celeb and stylist swears by, and I’m going out on a limb and saying that I like Unite’s better. It gives slightly more grit (which is great for my fine hair, especially when it’s squeaky clean) that lasts longer than the competition’s. And the scent is quite pleasant as well.

Tricky Lite: Every girl needs a go-to hairspray, but NO one needs a product that leaves hair crispy and crunchy. But this is more than a mere hair fixative… In addition to super-light touchable hold, it also contains a touch of wax to give hair a major shine boost. In one word: Amazing.


Expanda Dust: This volumizing powder is no joke. When you want height, look no further. Strong enough to basically eliminate the need for damaging teasing, just sprinkle where you need volume, rub in with your fingers, and brace yourself. Warning: You only need the smallest amount, trust me. (I should have played with this anytime other than 5 minutes before I had to drop off paperwork at my son’s school.)

7SecondsCondition: I’m a huge fan of leave-in conditioner, especially on days when I wash but don’t blow. This spray version detangles, offers heat protection (if you choose to style) and shields color from fading UV rays without a heavy or greasy feel. In two words: Love it.

7Seconds Refresher: This dry shampoo was part of my initial introduction and I blew through that can like nobody’s business. I was lucky enough to receive another one in the latest delivery, and within seconds of posting on Instagram, my bestie in NYC posted asking me to save it for her because she heard such great things. (From me, perhaps?) Always one to want to share the wealth, I promptly shipped it off to her the next day.