Let's UNITE for a good hair day every day

Let’s face it… Hair products can get a bit boring. There are only so many ways to improve the wheel (and the wheel in this case is essentials like shampoo, conditioner and styling products), so when something a bit novel comes across my desk I’m all over it. This is what happened when I heard from a long-lost PR friend a few weeks ago, so when she sent me info on Unite’s new U Luxury Hair Perfume & Color Protectant, I was all over it.

Imagine… A hair mist that prevents the world from knowing it’s been a few days (or more) since you washed your hair, shields your color from the fading effects of the sun and reduces static electricity so you don’t have to fight off those flyaways. That’s exactly what this multitasking miracle does. I’ve been test-driving the floral “Alanna” scent, and all I can say is that I wish it came in a version for my skin, because right now my hair is having all the fun—and my strands are too short to sniff.

My hair-care package contained lots of other goodies that I’ve been loving as well. The 7Seconds Refresher is an amazing dry shampoo, and the Moisturizing Repair works as a daily conditioner or deep treatment depending on how long you leave it on.

You know how I said that shampoos, conditioners and such can get boring? Well thanks to the U Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner, my shower has become a more exciting (and decadent) place. The scent is divine, and you’d be surprised at the difference a super-high-end shampoo makes in your hair. And since I’m not one to drop $90 on shampoo and conditioner, I’ll be savoring these until the very last drop (and hiding them from my husband).

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