Longer, stronger nails in a bottle

My name is Paige, and I’m a nail biter.

If you’ve been following IBB for a while, you’ve seen my multi-colored manicures, and you might be thinking, What? But yes, I was once a nail-biter (hence I’ll always be a nail-biter), and after about a year straight, I fell off the wagon a few weeks ago. It started with a skipped manicure, followed by one broken nail, and then I had no other choice than to make them even (or basically chew them all off).

Once the literal pain of my slip subsided, I turned to Rejuvacote to get me back on track. Within a few days my nails were on the mend, and although I skipped another appointment because I embarrassed for my manicurist to see what I had done, I was more than ready to head back to the salon this past Friday.  (With Duri Cosmetics’ “Salsa Verde,” no less.)

Designed to promote nail growth, Rejuvacote also doubles as a strengthening base coat and polish-preserving topcoat. Infused with calcium and keratin to mend splitting, peeling, brittle nails while leaving them more flexible and resistant to breaks, this product is for anyone who wants to keep their nails in tip-top shape (not just nail biters like me). And for those with sensitive skin, there’s the “three-free” Rejuvacote 2, which delivers the same treatment benefits as the original without the risk of irritation or side effects.

Any other tips for reformed nail biters out there?

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