Make your makeup application a bit more professional

If you’ve ever had your makeup done, you probably noticed that your artist used the back of his or her hand as a palette before applying anything. This is an essential step for blending shades and warming up a product so it glides on smoothly, but let’s be honest, who wants to make such a mess on their own hand? Well, you actually don’t if you have DaBlot.

Basically, this mini palette is worn on your hand of choice, and the adjustable strap ensures it doesn’t go anywhere. You squeeze out your foundation, concealer, lipstick—anything—and then proceed to apply as desired. You can either wash your DaBlot after each use, or spring for the Makeup Palette Sheets, which is like a pad of paper that lets you rip off the makeup-laden piece, toss it in the trash and go.

This genius invention keeps the back of your hand spotless—and whether you’re an amateur or professional makeup artist, it helps prevent product contamination. Obsessed!

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