Makeup storage that'll make you smile

We can pinpoint the exact moment our obsession with makeup and products began… It was when we got our first Caboodle. Just the act of finding the perfect place for every lipstick and nail polish (we were only about 13, after all) was intoxicating, which is why we think of this just-for-girls tackle box as the gateway drug that spurned our addiction to all things beauty.

In case you haven’t heard, Caboodles are back! In addition to the classics you remember from way back when, there are decidedly more grown-up versions like the Caboodles Pro Cosmetic Case (in silver, black, pink lace and cheetah!) as well as acrylic vanity organizers to help you keep everything neat and tidy. And if you’re a beauty junkie who wants to go incognito, check out the black Beauty Briefcase for a chic yet discreet way to take your beauty booty to go.