Move over gel manis... Vinylux is here!

We’ve had our fair share of gel manicures, and they’re fantastic when you want color that stays chip-free for up to two weeks. This comes in handy when traveling (and it’s perfect for toes when going on a beach vacation since sand is your pedicure’s nemesis), but to be honest, getting to the salon once a week for a manicure isn’t a problem for us. But we still want our manicure to look like day one on day 7, and that’s where Vinylux comes in. (And if you want to see the proof, check out the IBB Facebook page!)

From the creators of Shellac, which truly revolutionized the manicure game, Vinylux is designed to provide long wear—but it goes on like regular polish and cures in natural light so you don’t have to stick your hands under lamps between coats. Vinylux comes in all the CND shades you love, and since they coordinate with Shellac, Vinylux can also be used to touch up “roots” that may become visible before it’s time to remove the gel polish. As for some professional pointers, the Head-to-Toe beauty experts at GBS Beauty gave us these steps…

1. Remove old polish.

2. File and buff your nails.

3. Prep nails by removing excess oils with OPI Bond-Aid (rubbing alcohol or acetone work, too).

4. Skip the basecoat and apply 2 coats of Vinylux.

5. Use Vinylux Top Coat to ensure the longest possible wear.

Above: Day 7.

As if this long-lasting flawless finish and shine weren’t enough, our friends at CND sent us some other amazing goodies to try. For starters, we’re obsessed with the Scentsations Mango & Coconut Lotion (and the Wash is pretty good, too). And since almond is another one of our favorite scents, we’ve been giving our hands a little extra TLC with CND’s SpaManicure Almond Moisture Scrub and taking the time to apply SolarOil to our cuticles each and every night before bed. The result: Perfectly polished nails and super-soft hands, and nothing beats that.

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