My favorite (discontinued) eyelash curler has a doppelgänger!

A while back I extolled the virtues of Jouer’s eyelash curler, which I was lucky enough to score despite it being unavailable for purchase anywhere. I am still head over heels in love with this tool, but I feel a little guilty every time I use it because other ladies (like yourself) can’t get their hands on one. The good news it, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for another option, and Japonesque’s HD Eyelash Curler is strikingly similar.

With a compact design that eliminates the wiggling and wobbling experienced with traditional eyelash curlers, this curler also minimizes the distance between your fingers and your lashes for maximum control. Although this is great for reaching each and every lash, the silicone pad concentrates the curl concentrates the curl at the center of the lashline for an open-eyed appearance that helps you look more alert and well rested (even if you’re not). And for utmost convenience, there’s an extra silicone pad stashed right in the curler so you won’t ever have to hunt down your backup—or forget to replace it.

Full disclosure: I haven’t tried Japonesque’s version of my beloved Jouer curler, but I’m confident recommending it based on its doppelganger design, as well as Japonesque’s reputation as a go-to brand for makeup tools.

Have any of you tried it?