The best (and least scary) eyelash curler ever

From slathering hot wax on our faces and lady parts to injecting needles full of muscle-paralyzing toxins into our wrinkles, oh the things we do in the name of beauty… I started thinking about this yesterday when my husband caught me curling my eyelashes and said, “Please be careful and don’t hurt yourself!” Yes, eyelash curlers do resemble medieval torture devices—and if you’ve ever pinched your eyelid with one, you know it can feel like a torture device, too.

I’ve used a standard metal eyelash curler for years, and never really got onboard with it. Perhaps because I was so scared of hurting myself that I never got close enough to my lashline, and failed to squeeze hard enough. But then I received Jouer’s Travel Eyelash Curler as a gift with my last restocking of my beloved Lumizining Moisture Tint, and now I see what at the hubbub is about.

OMG, this curler is amazing. And it’s plastic. And it folds up so it’s great for travel. Unlike metal eyelash curlers, it has a button you push to clamp it down instead of using your fingers to squeeze the curler shut–and this helps avoid slippage that results in practically yanking your eyelid off. I’m fearless with this tool—and the proof is in my perfectly curled lashes. Every time. I’m officially hooked, and I can’t start my day without this extra step.

Now for the bad news… it’s currently unavailable. But maybe Jouer will bring the Travel Eyelash Curler back if we all ask nicely.

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