My iS Clinical fall skincare reboot

A new season calls for lots of new things, from boots and on-trend pieces to makeup and, of course, skincare. Our skin has different needs when the weather changes, and although it still feels like summer here in South Florida, thanks to my new iS Clinical routine my skin will be ready when the mercury eventually dips below 80.


No matter your skin type, you should be using an antioxidant serum every morning to shield skin from the free-radical damage that sunscreen can’t prevent. I’ve worked with enough dermatologists to know that iS Clinical offers some of the best vitamin C serums available, and I’m happy to have their Super Serum Advance+ in the rotation. Just five drops each morning helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and even out discoloration—and its time-release formula delivers these benefits all day long.

I’m really excited about the new Youth Serum, which just recently made its debut. You get an instant smoothing and tightening effect, plus real wrinkle reduction over time. It combines growth factors, antioxidants, proteins, algae extracts and enzymes to boost collagen production within the skin—and the clinical studies show it’s more effective than other growth factor products on the market.

Since I never want to neglect my eyes, I’m using the Youth Eye Complex as well. The perfect consistency for morning use (read: It doesn’t interfere with makeup), the blend of growth factors, peptides and antioxidants prevents and repairs damage while going to work on dark circles. And the intense hydration instantly plumps up crow’s feet and sends puffiness packing. P.S. You can use it around the lips, too.

At night, I’m using Active Serum (in place of the Super Serum), and just love the cool, tingly sensation it provides. “Active” is an understatement, because just a few drops helps improve aging, acne and discoloration. The blend of glycolic, salicylic, lactic and kojic acids targets all of my skin concerns, and it absorbs completely so I don’t feel like I’m layering on too much product.

And to top it all off, I also have the CoolMint Revitalizing Mask, and it does just what its name says. With soothing antioxidants and major hydration, it’s perfect as a pre-going-out skin pick-me-up. It’s great for sunburn (which you shouldn’t be getting) and makes for an amazing weekly skin treat.

So how are you transitioning your skincare for fall? 

Get ready to ditch your regular round brush