Spa-based skincare that brings the professional facial home

It’s been so long since I’ve indulged in a spa day, I can barely remember what it feels like. What I wouldn’t give for a massage, a wrap and a facial… Back in my beauty editor days, spa visits were actually work-based commitments, and I consider myself lucky to have had the chance to indulge regularly. One skincare line that popped up over and over at top-notch spas around the world was G.M. Collin—so when I received a nice package full of their latest goodies a few weeks back, I really thought the world was trying to tell me something.

This award-winning clinical-grade yet nature-based line offers products and treatments for every skin type and condition under the sun, but wouldn’t you know I received their new anti-agers. First up was the Phyto Stem Cell+ Serum, and in my book, if anything is going to fight free radicals and help my cells live longer, I’m all for it. I really love the lotion-y consistency of this serum since my skin has been on the dry side—and yes I’ll be using it for 28 days to get the 92% wrinkle reduction that clinical studies say it delivers. I also received the Phyto Stem Cell+ Eye Contour, and this hydrating, wrinkle-plumping, circle-minimizing, puff-reducing treatment has been in the rotation ever since.

But I will admit my favorite product has been the Vital C 10% + Peptides Serum, because I truly believe that an effective antioxidant is key for fighting off visible aging. We all know vitamin C is like a superfood for our skin thanks to its ability to boost collagen, brighten discoloration and prevent free radical damage, so I’m using this each and every night. (Note: It smells like a kamikaze shot, just saying.) G.M. Collin says it allows young skin to preserve its youthful capital and mature skin to mitigate the aging process—and since I fall somewhere in the middle, I’m in!