My latest Charlotte Tilbury binge

Oops, I did it again—but this time I blame it on the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy. Yes, friends, I scooped up even more Charlotte Tilbury goodies, and she is slowly by surely taking over my makeup drawer. I am thrilled with each and every one of these purchases, and here’s why…

Filmstars on the Go
When you don’t have the time or energy for a full makeup application—but you still want to look pulled together—you need a Filmstars on the Go. Featuring a cream shadow and a gloss for both cheeks and lips, you get all the color you need in one chic, slim compact. Perhaps the best part of this palette is that your fingers are the only tools you need. I snatched up “All About Eve” because I needed a bronzy-brown eye color for day, and the cheek/lip color suits my complexion. To keep things interesting, both the eye and cheek/lip colors leave an almost-glossy finish, and the resulting look is very fresh and dewy.

Luxury Palette in “Fallen Angel”
How could I not get the latest addition to the Luxury Palette family, especially since it’s limited edition? I’ve been using the top two shades on almost a daily basis, even though they serve up more shimmer than the shadows found in my “Golden Goddess” and “Uptown Girl” palettes. Unlike the other palettes, these colors can be used wet or dry, and the more you layer, the better the look.

Full Fat Lashes
I’m not usually one to splurge on mascara since I have so many samples lying around and there are so many great options at the drugstore. However, after trying this one, I see what all the buzz is about. The formula delivers length, volume and definition—and the specially designed brush is meant to be used vertically for bottom lashes. Seriously, I don’t think it gets any better.

Rock ‘n’ Kohl Iconic Liquid Eye Pencil in “Bedroom Black”
The last time I took inventory, I had no less than five black eyeliners, which is a lot for someone who rarely wears black eyeliner. So why did I buy this one? Because I had faith that it would stay in place for more than an hour (unlike the others). This pencil is amazing because the color glides on so easily—and it stays put for hours, even on the waterline! It’s so incredible that I actually started tight-lining with it DURING THE DAY.

The Supermodel Lip
Of course I needed a new lip look to complement all of these goodies, so I took a risk and ordered the “Confession” lipstick, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” Lip Lacquer and “Pillowtalk” Lip Liner—all sight unseen. I much prefer to see lippies in person before purchasing, and this was an especially gutsy move because I have terrible luck with nudes. I’ve tried a million and they NEVER work—but this one did. Yay! More on the brown side with a hint of golden glimmer, this lipstick makes me look anything but washed out. The gilded gloss lightens up the lipstick a bit, and I’m completely smitten with this new look. 

I have been coveting the Eye Blender and Eye Smudger brushes since my first Charlotte Tilbury experience in London, so I finally got them. I mean, I’ve gone this far… As with all of my other purchases, I’m beyond thrilled with these tools—and they look pretty while they make me pretty.

So there you have it… What’s your favorite Charlotte Tilbury product, and what are you going to scoop up next?