My new favorite sleep masks + new ways to use them

In case you haven’t noticed, sleep masks are a thing now—and if you’re anything like me, you may be wondering (or have wondered) what makes them different than night cream. Well, the answer is relatively simple… While night creams provide moisture and nourishment for your skin, sleep masks incorporate the targeted action of a serum to address specific concerns in addition to giving your skin a super-surge of hydration. Sleep masks also help you address multiple skin issues while you sleep, since you’re most likely layering them on top of other products or serums designed to improve your main skin problems.

I did a little medicine cabinet purge last week to weed out the stuff that’s been sitting idle for too long, and just when I cleared up some real estate, I got a big-old package from Laneige. In case you’re unfamiliar with this Korean import, it’s one of the best beauty buys at Target. Even more important: It’s actually created by AmorePacific so you know you’re getting high-quality skincare at a more accessible price point.

Amongst the myriad products that I’m so excited to try were the Firming Sleeping Mask and Water Sleeping Mask, which are designed to boost elasticity and moisture (respectively). Since I couldn’t decide which one to try, I went out on a limb and combined a bit of each. The Firming Sleeping Mask has a consistency similar to Jell-O (yes, it’s jiggly) and the Water Sleeping Mask is more of a gel, but they played very nicely together and felt cool and soothing as I smoothed them on. Then, there was nothing else for me to do but hit the hay.

When I woke up the following morning and washed my face, my skin looked like it had an amazing night’s sleep. It looked fresh, radiant and although I can’t exactly say it had the firmness of my 20-something skin, I was most definitely pleased with what I saw and felt. Were the results different than other nights when I just use a night cream or oil? That would be a yes.

As I alluded in the title of this post, blending two sleep masks was the first way I got innovative with these products so here’s the second… You don’t have to be sleeping to let these products work their magic. I took a shower in the morning over the weekend and wasn’t planning on leaving the house, so I slathered one on and let it sit ALL DAY before I had to get ready to go out that night. Not only did this make my skin look fabulous for a night on the town, at the very least I felt like I did something productive with my downtime.

So tell me… Are you into sleep masks, too?